Catch up time

Have you ever noticed that  just when you think everything is going smoothly, all of a sudden everything changes.  That’s part of why there has been such a gap in these blog postings.  Just when we thought that we had it all figured out and were getting very comfortable in our tent living situation, along came a change.

My husband and me were given an offer to work more hours in the campground we are at in exchange for a travel trailer to live in rent free.  Of course, living in a desert environment requires a person to think ahead about the “dry heat” and how that will affect your health in the long run.  Since we have had continuous high heat warning on and off over the last two months, I think it is safe to say we made a wise decision to accept that offer.  Of course instead of working one day a week, I now work five and my husband works three.  That means a lot of other changes had to happen.

As a ghost writer for “” I had to cut back on my writing schedule.  That in turn cut back on our income which means shopping even smarter to make it through the month. I also have come to realize that this new schedule affects my ability to work on my jewelry hobby which was another source of income.  If I do not have time to create new pieces of jewelry, it means that soon I may have to consider closing my Etsy shop because I am slowly selling off all of my inventory.  Of course if I can not find the time to write that means I am also not publishing any more children’s’ books on  What a mess a good thing has become.

So when do I let my soul catch up?  This hectic work schedule makes it hard to find the energy for most things.  I heard it told that white man created time and money and now he is a slave to both.  So very true.  Of course some chaos in our lives is good because it keeps us motivated.  Too much chaos leads to stress and then to other health conditions.  I have found that if I do not spend time in the great outdoors, even if it is 112 degrees, I would probably lose focus on why we started this journey in the first place.  Even though I attend a church service, I find there is no greater connection to my higher power (creator or God, which ever works for you) than to step outside and marvel at the amazing world we are surrounded by.  I star gaze every night and watch little creatures every day that have adapted to this desert environment.  Those brief moments allow me the time to catch my breath and let my soul find some solitude and peace.  There is just something about being surrounded by a universe that is far bigger than any of us will ever be and feeling like a part of something huge, even when we don’t know the role we play in the grand scheme of things.

And through it all, we survive and thrive.  We continue to grow and find happiness in the little things that life has to offer.  My wish, hope, and prayer is that we eventually get to go back to our tent and have a lot more free time for ourselves.  Then I can really catch up. At least until the next change comes along.

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