I was born July 12th, 1964. I am an American by birth. I have a Native American blood line but have not tried too hard to follow that line backwards in history. I do know my great grandmother was 100% Native American on my fathers side. Because my older relatives have all passed on, it has been difficult to obtain information regarding my complete blood line. I do however chose to live by many Native American beliefs. My husband was born June 20, 1971 in America to Polish parents and was raised Catholic. He too follows many of my beliefs because they honor this earth we all call home. We were married on October 21, 2011.
We decided several years ago that society has little to offer people that wish to remain free. Too many people get entangled into programs that originally were designed to help but instead tend to imprison people into a system that promotes dependence and loss of freedom. We decided that we did not want that for our future and took some rather drastic steps to insure we would keep our freedoms intact. One of those decisions was to refuse the usage of the welfare system to save our home when we gave up our jobs that were emotionally draining the life from our lives. We tried to work with our mortgage company to sell our home to no avail and finally walked away from the stress that involved threatening letters and phone calls from a company that refused to work with us. We sold, auctioned, gave away, and threw away everything that was not a life necessity for survival, packed the few remaining items in the back of a little S-10 pick-up and hit the road for a warmer climate. Ten days later we arrived at the western coast of the United States and realized with dismay that it was a big concrete jungle and not what we wanted. We backtracked a few hundred miles on our journey and found an ideal spot for us and settled in for the long haul.
I am not saying that all of our problems vanished over night as we still had many things that needed to be finalized, but we found that we could sleep better at night and think better without having the constant stress of what we had considered normal everyday living hanging over our heads. And that was seven months ago.
Now we live in a 10×10 tent with a 10×10 screen room on a full time basis in a reasonably priced campground. We have a water spigot close by and electricity available. Restrooms with showers and a laundry room are just a short walk away. Town is two miles away for anything we might need. Wi-fi is free, trash is picked up daily, and most people are friendly. We’ve learned to deal with the wildlife with respect and reverence. We found a local non-denominational church that we can both agree upon and we are getting to know the local community. We do volunteer work at the campground and I found steady work on-line. We cut almost all ties with our former life because you can’t move forward if your always looking backwards. And seeing where we were before was not benefiting our lives, why would we want to continue making the same mistakes over and over again expecting a different outcome (which is the definition of insanity). We are healthier, happier, and most likely will live a longer more satisfied life span. We realize that not everyone will see it that way but sometimes you have to get back to the basics to really enjoy everything else.

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