With Purpose

I started this blog not only to learn a new skill but to give voice to the demands of an alternative life style.  My hope is to share tips, soothe concerns, and open the eyes of anyone considering this life style and even for the people that begin to encounter others that are living or considering living this way.

Yes there will be some that chose this life style because of forced homelessness.  There are others that will chose this life style because they are tired of the demands of modern society.  Some will do it for financial reasons, medical reasons, and even religious reasons.  Some people will struggle while others thrive.  Its no different than living in an apartment or home and dealing with the everyday troubles that arise in those environments.  Well, it is different and yet its not that different.

The every day thing that most people take for granted such as water and electricity, are not always readily available to people that chose to live in tents.  It depends on whether or not you can afford a site in a campground or whether your forced to find sites that are free across the world that offer no form of amenities.

My hope is that I will find others that have decided to make this a way of life and allow them a place to share their stories so the world will know that we are the same everyday people that you see when your out and about around town.  Most of the time, you would not even know that a person is a tent dweller unless they told you so.  We still shop in the stores, attend church, handle our banking locally, receive mail, pay taxes, and sometimes are even employed.  We still have the need for medical attention, companionship, hobbies, and sometimes are involved in special interest groups.  You would be surprised at the number of tent dwellers that hold down full time jobs and have college degrees.  We have even met retired veterans and families that have decided this was the life style they wanted to enjoy, not being tied down to some stagnate community with a bleak future.

In future posts, I will begin to talk about the trials and the successes that my husband and I have encountered since we decided to make this our full time life style.  I hope to cover everything from the proper style and sized tent to the food choices that work well and what can happen when the weather gets the best of you.  I hope to cover the issues of having an address to please the government, some of the other issues that you might run into when you remain mobile for too long, and how I accidentally found employment twice in six months.  I’ll share to good, the bad, and the hopes we still have for what the future might hold.  I encourage you to ask any questions you might have and I’ll do what I can to help you find an answer.